Friday, September 05, 2003

i wrote a lot of strange poems like these but i am really wondering does they have an echo to my inside self does they have a meaning to my actions in real life
i am always glad to serve people but why
i am always glad to give my self to others but why
but also i am always glad to play the role of a wise man
i am always seeking wisedom that's why i started studying philosophy but what will i reach
i don't how it going to end but i just knew the begining and i am seking the truth
the truth of everythng even of our existance
i hope that i may get answers
when i write a poem words are just poured from my pen i don't know how to get a ryhm but it comes from the power of the words it comes from the drops coming from my eyes it comes it just comes like lava from a volcano
i hope that they may have an echo in someone mind or heart